Are you tired of the endless cycle of inconsistency, where every attempt at change seems to fizzle out before it even begins?

Do you find yourself longing for a sense of direction and purpose in your daily life?

Unlock your potential and witness your transformation!

Many individuals struggle with a lack of CLARITY about their goals and aspirations. 

Do you start off strong but quickly LOSE MOMENTUM, leading to frustration and a sense of failure.  

In a Modern life filled with distractions and competing priorities.

Do you feel overwhelmed? 

 Is Procrastination is your best mate ?

Do you doubt your ability to change or achieve their goals. 

Struggle to prioritize your time effectively leading to lack of focus and productivity.

If this relates to you, you are in the  RIGHT PLACE.

With us you will learn to..

 Identify and cultivate habits that align with your aspirations.

Break free from the cycle of starting and stopping.

Understand the role of environmental and psychological triggers in habit sustainability.

​​​Hello, ​I am Amith!

Hey there! I'm so excited to connect with you and share a bit about how I can help you crush your goals and build some seriously awesome habits and routines. 

With a background in the wild worlds of Hospitality and FMCG, plus a shiny Health Coach Certificate from PREKURE, I've had a blast helping awesome folks like you navigate the maze of habit formation and routine building.

I'm all about keeping things fresh and practical. Together, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of why habits stick (or don't stick) and how we can hack our brains to make lasting change. Whether you're itching to boost your productivity, find more balance in your life, or finally kick that bad habit to the curb, I've got your back.

So, if you're ready to wave goodbye to overwhelm and hello to awesome progress, I'm here to guide you.  Let's do this thing!

Let's Have a Chat

​​​Greetings! I'm Roshita,

 A dedicated coach with a diverse background in holistic nutrition, physio coaching, personal training, and yoga instruction. 

With qualifications in each of these areas and years of practical experience, I bring a comprehensive understanding of wellness to guide you on your journey. 

My expertise lies in crafting personalized habit and routine plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. Together, we'll harness the power of consistent routines to optimize your health, fitness, and overall well-being. 

Let's team up and make lasting changes together!

If you are ready to explore the benefits of coaching and how I can help, you can schedule your discovery call here.

A complimentary 15mins call to know if this is for you.

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