Our Team

Amith Shylendranath 

Hi, I am Amith. A Prekure Certified Health Coach residing in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Over the years, I have learned that there are no hard and fast rules for achieving your health goals. I'm devoted to helping create sustainable lifestyles and empowering others to make positive changes.

I am passionate about helping my clients identify their health blocks and empowering them to take control of their health. Living a healthier lifestyle impacts your energy, health, happiness, work and relationships.

We respect clients as experts in their own lives. Clients choose their areas to focus on, and as coaches, we meet them where they are.

The Next Step is to Book a Complimentary 15 mins Discovery Session where we can discuss how we can help. Bring clarity on what outcomes you want to achieve from these coaching sessions and make an actionable plan with a positive behavioral change.  

Roshita Aravindan 

Hi I am Roshita, an experienced Indian based Holistic nutritionist, Physio coach and a Certified Personal trainer. 

After completing my bachelors degree in physiotherapy, over my career I’ve worked in clinical hospital positions, private practice clinics, training, mentoring and regional management positions. Having spent many years working with clients with a variety of injuries, health concerns or life events that have knocked them off track. I enjoy helping people from all walks of life to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

I believe that being HEALTHY and FIT is not just a FAD or TREND but a LIFESTYLE. 

If you are ready to be the NEW YOU Book a Complimentary 
15 mins Discovery Session